Use This Doctor’s Proven Technique and Relieve Your Foot and Heel Pain!

Pain in the bottom of the foot can be intensely painful especially if you have to be on your feet all day long. This chronic discomfort that many people suffer from is called plantar fasciitis. Although painful, there is no need for worry because it is a treatable condition that does not require surgery.

Just relax until you get the necessary information for the most appropriate recovery.

In a video, the famous Dr. Donald DeFabio will share how he diagnoses this condition and the way he treats it in his patients. Also, he will provide some valuable chiropractic advice on the proper home treatment.

Before we see the video, let’s first explain this condition more briefly.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that affects people who put a bit more stress on their feet including runners, athletes or overweight people.

People who suffer from this condition describe this pain like a severe and stabbing pain that starts even in the morning. This pain occurs when the plantar fascia or the tissue that connects the heel to the toes becomes inflamed.

If you experience some similar pain, make sure you consult your doctor because they can most certainly treat.

Here is the way Dr. DeFabio treats this common condition.

First of all, a proper diagnosis is the root of every successful treatment. Then with an interdisciplinary approach, Dr. DeFabio reduces the inflammation in the foot and provides the patient some relief.

For this condition, he uses an intracell stick, a tool that patients can safely use at their homes. If this does not help, he applies the Graston procedure.

In this procedure, he uses a stainless instrument to break down scar tissue and provide elasticity in the foot. In this way, he drives blood into the foot and stimulates healing. This same technique is used to promote flexibility in the calves.

This is an extremely important technique that prevents the feet from curling in the wrong way.

Further on, the doctor wraps the foot with two types of tape thus taking the pressure off the plantar fasciitis.

So, if you have someone who suffers from this condition, this article will help you a lot. You just have to consult your doctor and apply this technique.

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