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The Top 6 Female Gestures That Drive All Men Crazy!!

Women can attract men very easily.

They are regarded as the most precious gift from God. Man will love the woman, and with all that love, he can even annoy her. But, men and their love are not the only one who can annoy.

Women can annoy men too. Especially if they know him, what he likes and what he doesn’t like.
There are a couple of mysteries, linked with what men want. And now, the secrets are revealed. We know what all men have in common.
The female brain works better and faster than men’s.

All of us love the chemistry. It is the basic thing for proper function of two people.
All the girls love a man who will love them, serve them, will fight for them.

For female is easy, but what men love?
In addition to this article we are going to present you some hacks and hints in order to reach your mean easily.

1. Position your hand on his chest. Men love this move. This will make him feel better. It brings them some calming feeling, he will feel like he is your protector. He thinks that he is strong, he is powerful, he can protect his woman. In simpler words he feels like Superman. There is no better feeling for a man than to feel your hand buried in his chest.

2. Play with his hair. Make his hair messy. It is kind of provocative, but on the other hand he is feeling loved. They can receive this act as move of love, necessity, and affection towards them. This attention will make him feel like he is the luckiest guy in the world .

3. When you show off with him in public. That means that you are proud to have him, and it is an honor to hold his hand. He will appreciate you more than before, and he will feel that he is important to you. That you are proud to have him, he will feed his ego and will increase his value. He will have more confidence.

4. Give him your attention and he will give you the whole world. You need to take care of his needs. Ask about his opinion, what he thinks and what he suggests about certain plans, and further moves. With this connection the man will be aware that you trust him.

5. You should appreciate him, send him texts when he is with his friends. Show your feelings, and express your good thoughts toward him. Ask for his opinion. You need to be more open-minded, because he is not going to read your thoughts. Try to act more freely and do not be scared.

Ask him about everything, but is on you to decide. Express your love, more obviously. He needs to see all of the love you have for him.

6. Express your affection towards him any time and any place when the situation allows. This is nothing that you should be afraid of. Once you have noticed something, tell him and try him to solve it. For example if you see something on his beard, you should take that off. Help him, it won’t cost you anything. You will only gain his love and more attention.

7. Place your head on his chest. You will reach the same effect just like the hand because it is a nice feeling. It depends on you what you will place on his chest whether your head or your hand.

8. The eyes play very important role. Just seduce him with your eyes, and you will make the job easier.

These are very important things that all men adore. You will never make a mistake because you respect these, lets say, rules. Once you are following these hacks you will have the man in the palm, and gain his heart.

Thanks for reading!

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