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Natural Herbs That Increase The Sex Drive Of Individuals With Low Libido!

As we age the level of sex hormones decreases which leads to decreased sex drive, arousal and pleasure full sensation. This can become a source of dissatisfaction and frustration in a people’s lives. Many people turn to hormone replacement therapy to overcome the issue. Unfortunately, hormone replacement therapy poses some health risks. Consumption of hormone replacement therapy is associated with risks such as breast cancer, heart attack and stroke to name a few. It is imperative that before people turn to medication they try a natural way to improve their sex lives. The list below has been shown to be safe and effective, and a mixture of the mentioned herbs can increase the sex drive, arousal and performance levels of individuals.

Puncture Vine *Tribulus Terrestris

This herb has been used for centuries and it stimulates the libido of men and women. Puncture vine releases nitric oxide from the lining of the blood vessels in the genital areas. Nitric oxide is known to relax blood vessels and bring blood in the areas that it is released. This leads to a longer and firmer erection in men and more sensation for women. Recent study reported 66% of people with low sexual drive improved in their sexual drive after taking supplementation of the tribulus terrestris.

Potency Wood *Muira Puama

This herb has been used in Latin America as an aphrodisiac since the 1950’s. It has been shown to increase sex drive and erectile dysfunction in a span of two weeks. Recent study of women taking the Muira Puama for 1 month, showed that 65% of them had improvement in sexual desire, sexual intercourse and satisfaction with sex life and ability to reach orgasm.

Tunera Aphrodisiaca *Damiana

This herb’s Latin name already shows that it is an aphrodisiac. It is found in the Latin countries such as Mexico, and Central America.

Damiana is very well known in Holland for its effect on sexual function. The way it works is by bringing more sensitivity to genital tissues. As people age, the nerve endings in these tissues decrease which leads to decrease in sensation. Taking Damiana will reverse the decrease in sensation, and bring about greater sexual satisfaction.

Horny Goat Weed *Epimedium

Horny goat weed has been used in China as a male and female aphrodisiac. It was first noticed when Chinese farmers saw their goats demonstrating a much-increased mating after grazing on the specific plant. The plant was taken and researched and it was found that it is helpful in booting sexual desire, aiding erectile function and fighting fatigue in humans.

Wild Oad *Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa is known to replenish the nerves and improve the tactile sensation in the genital area. Recent study in the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality showed that 22% of men and 15 percent of women taking the herb experienced increase in genital sensation while 36% in men and 29% in women had increase in orgasm frequency.

Lepidium Meyennii Walp *Maca

Maca is a Peruvian plant that has long been known for its improvement in sexual function in individuals. Recent placebo trials showed that intake of Maca for 12 weeks will lead to enhanced libido. Researchers often call it the female Viagra due to its strong effect on women.

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