Do You Know What It Means If You See Square Waves In The Ocean? Pictures Inside!

The Mystery of Square Shaped Waves In The Ocean

The world is full of vast and exciting mysteries. Whether it be something historical like how the great pyramids in Egypt were built or something more natural such as what’s outside of our galaxy, it seems that there is an endless array of fascinating and unique mysteries. It would seem like we have a pretty basic grasp on how our world works and so the number of mysteries seems to be shrinking every single day, but we can rest assured that there will always be plenty of exciting new questions that pop up.

One of the more curious mysteries in the world would be square-shaped waves that appear in the ocean. It can be hard to believe that such a strange thing actually exists, but here they are in all of their squarish glory! The waves are wondrous and fascinating to look at! These square shaped curiosities can be found on the Isle of Rhe, off the west coast of France, near La Rochelle.

The unique wave patterns can be viewed from the coast and are actually a fairly popular tourist attraction! People are known to line up along the shore for a chance to see the unique water formations. It’s like when people line up in Las Vegas to look at the Bellagio Fountain water show, except here they are watching a natural water formation instead of a staged one!

People don’t just limit themselves to watching from the shore though! There are some who watch the water patterns from hilltops, but it’s been reported that the best spot for viewing the comes from the top of an old lighthouse where viewers can see as far as possible! People just seem to genuinely enjoy watching the beautiful sight of the ocean turning into a chessboard pattern.

But is it actually a mystery why this happens? It would appear that we know why this happening occurs! In the end, it’s not too much of a mystery after all.

The phenomenon of the square-shaped waves is something known as ‘Cross Sea.’ The secret comes the placement of the Isle Rhea. The location of the island is at an intersection two different wave systems. The wind carries the two sea systems into one another and they clash together forming the strange and beautiful patterns.

So in other words, the wind carries the water in a unique direction and forces the waves to collapse onto each other, creating the patterns! Too cool! Nature really is amazing.

The waves may look gorgeous, but a word of caution should be given to anyone that would like to venture into the cross sea. The waves create a sort of trap for boats and highly perilous! Ships are designed mainly to take waves head-on. They usually are not designed to plow through waves from every single direction. Traveling through a cross sea forces a ship to take on waves in just this manner and a study found that traveling through a cross sea is extremely perilous and should be avoided at all costs!

The cross sea is a wonderful example of how nature can be beautifully awe-inspiring, yet completely dangerous at the same time! If you ever see a “cross sea” in real life, be sure to just admire the beauty from far away instead of getting in the water!

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