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Cabbage Broth to Heal the Body and Shed Pounds

Cabbage is famous for curing obesity, Alzheimer, scurvy, heart issues, eye issues, eczema, skin issues, jaundice, headaches, ulcer in belly, gout, arthritis, constipation.

This is for getting potassium. This can reduce systolic pressure and cholesterol, make liver detox, health to heart and more. Also balanced sugar, less inflammation, no cancer cells, less tumor size, more immunity. Experts said this also has antioxidants and removes inflammation. It was even said cabbage makes better state in gastric and duodenal ulcer.


Due to fibers it is good for belly and ulcers

Cabbage has antioxidants and boosts brain, shields from cancer and removes inflammation.
Sulfur items or glucosinolates kill cancer and when ingested they hinder cancer and then are called isothiocyanates.
Cabbage is good for losing weight and also for less calories, minerals, vitamins, and satiety. For the broth…read below.

You need:

  • Broccoli
  • Water
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Cabbage
  • Random veggies you like


Shred the cabbage well and chop the carrots and onions. Separate into florets the broccoli and then boil the water. Add the items and make sure to use at least ½ cabbage head. Simmer this and add salt.

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