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5 Thoughts That Go through a Woman’s Mind When She Chooses to Leave for Good!

Women know their self-worth, even though they love hard or leave themselves vulnerable. This means that when a woman decides to leave when a relationship is simply hurting her, there’s nothing to change her mind.

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If you mistreat a woman, expect that she’s decisive enough to know what she deserves and if she decides to end the relationship, there’s nothing to change her mind. Therefore, in case you are in a relationship with a good woman that means the world to you, treat her with respect and she’ll show you just how much you are important to her.

Otherwise, she may choose to move forward without turning back.

Five Thoughts That Go through a Woman’s Mind When She Chooses to Leave for Good:

– She Is No Longer Loved

Although women are often hard to understand, loving them is the best gift men can give them. When you truly love a woman, she will reciprocate it and show you how much she values the way she is treated.

It isn’t to say that all women are loyal and faithful when loved by good men as some of them don’t appreciate their man that loves them unconditionally. However, a faithful woman that cherishes a successful relationship will care for and love her man when she is treated right. Otherwise, she will turn around as well as walk away.

– There Is No Reason for Her to Stay

When she has done everything she could to make the relationship work, she will realize that there is no reason for her to stay anymore. In case kids are in the picture, it will probably make the decision harder to do.

However, if she’s eventually exhausted all efforts, particularly when it’s been a one-way relationship, she will probably realize that leaving isn’t her best choice but her only option.

– She Has Been Taken for Granted

If she always gives but doesn’t receive, don’t expect her to live that way for the rest of her life. When it occurs, with the little that she has, she’ll walk out. By doing so, she will break loose from what has been draining her and rebuild herself.

When she realizes that leaving far outweighs remaining in the relationship, her decision will become final.

– She Has Been Alone for Too Long

For a relationship to be a functioning and healthy one, it does require 2 people to be mentally and physically present in it. In case you’re rarely there for her, then how could she call what she has with you a relationship?

It is important to take a trip somewhere by yourself, have some separate friends, maintain some interests or hobbies that are only yours, get some distance from her, and assert your independence from time to time. But, you shouldn’t ignore her or be mentally or physically distant.

According to marriage counselor, Justin Schanfarber, women leave for a variety of reasons. However, they often leave as their man isn’t present.

In a nutshell, she does not need a man to be available at her every beck and call. However, she needs a man that can support her when she needs it the most. She needs a man she can turn to when she needs it the most.

Otherwise, she may choose to move forward.

– She Knows She Deserves Better

She probably knows her self-worth. So, if she doesn’t get the treatment she deserves, she will notice it and she will end the relationship.

Remember that there’s a realization that each woman has at least once in her life that motivates her to love herself, grow, and learn, i.e., the realization that she really deserves better. If you fail to recognize her worth, the realization that she deserves better will become an integral part in her self-happiness. When she realizes she deserves better, she will move on, forgive, love herself and find the happiness in her life she has been missing.

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