20 Things You Have To Know While Going Through Menopause


It feels like going through hell itself. Gaining weight, having hair grown at unusual places, are just some of the things that make women consider menopause a living hell.

Besides all the negative things that accompany menopause, it has positive sides, too.

The most prominent things related to menopause are:

Crying without a reason

This is a result of the mess of hormones in your body.

Hair growth at unusual places

It is not peculiar, if you see a hair on the face, or chin, but during menopause, this might be irritating. Get accustomed to find hair grown at unusual and strange places on your body.

Disturbed sleeping

During menopause, difficulties in falling asleep are regular, and yet irritating. Having to deal with insomnia all the time is unbearable.

An extreme desire for chocolate

You will like all the chocolate in the world. Cravings for sweets and treats will become your regular daily activity.

Weight gain

This may be a result of the slowing down of metabolism, but it can, also, be a result of the chocolate and sweets that you take regularly.


When going through menopause, you will become more forgetting and confused, and you will forget even the smallest and most ordinary things.

Feeling like you do not have your brain anymore

During this period, you will often have this feeling, like you have lost your brain somewhere.

Teenager behavior

Menopause is like second teenage period. You will often have outbreaks like you had during your teenage years.

Saying things frankly

You will become morefrank, and more direct than before. You will not keep things inside, and will say everything right away, all the time.


You will find parts of your body swollen more than before. This is a usual phenomenon during menopause. The parts most exposed to swelling are the ankles.

Mood swings

You will have a variety of mood changes within a short period. You can be cheerful at a moment, the next one to become sad, and suddenly to burst into fury. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying after all.

Screaming at touch

You won’t feel comfortable when people touch you, even when they have the best intentions.

Throwing mean comments everywhere

You won’t choose situations to act sharply. You won’t save your mean comments, even at the smallest sign of annoyance.

Feeling of insanity

Sometimes you will feel like you are going insane. The cure for this situation, you will search in chocolate.

Hot flashes

You will often get a sudden feeling of feverish heat.

Extreme need for cold

The constant presence of hot flashes, will make you desirable for cold and freshness.

Increased sweating

During menopause, the sweating is increased, so you will have the feeling of being sticky and smelly all the time.

Water retention

Your body will retain more water than usual, even if you sweat all the time. Therefore, you feel bloated.

Eating all the time

Food cravings will be your regular company, as you will feel an increased and incontrollable desire for food.

Feeling constant anger

You will be angry most of the time, and you will react furiously even at the smallest things.

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source: inshapetoday.com