15 Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life Which He Never Talks About Unless You Ask Him

There are the many things which boyfriend never talk about unless you ask him. When all the girls see that what boys are not like to say these things but they are common are very common.It often comes down to one simple thing – transparency, for staying happy or satisfied in a relationship. To all the women, it’s easier said than done because to come out with one’s true self is tough and if your man comes out with the truth, you’ll crave for mystery.

There are the 15 things which man never wanted to tell:


When the boy has a girlfriend then he never talks about EX-girlfriend. because he rather likes to avoid mistakes which were made in the past with his girlfriend.


When the boy feels ill he never wants to let you know that he was sick. Because he doesn’t want to get worried you.

Wallets and mobile phones

Boys are don’t show their things because they don’t do a show-off. and if the girl touches their Wallets and mobile phones and they feel very bad but in front of the girls they don’t say that don’t touch my phone.

Bad habits

The boys never want to express anything related to them. If you are not asking for smoking than he’ll also never take the initiative to bring up the point first.

Checking out other girls

This is the problem of all the boys that when you are seated with your friends, family and girlfriend if some HOT girls go in front of you then you definitely saw her with the bad thinking.

Fantasies in bed

Women have a higher sexual urge than men, never think that they don’t have their own pre -mindsets. They’ll never express all that they want to do to you in bed.


Some of the things which are frequently done by you also make him furious, yet he will try to be calm when with you. It doesn’t mean you’ve been given a free pass, this often takes the form of grudges, so just wish that they don’t explode on you someday.

Adult content

Men’s are always read the adult contents or watch porn whether they are in the relationship or married. They are always like to watch the porn and do that steps.

Cuddle all day

When it’s time for action then he will deliver what’s required of him, that doesn’t mean he is always satisfied with it. It was partly done to satisfy you, if you ask his inner self (since he’ll not tell you) then after all the banging he would want to spend the rest of night and day with you in his arms and nothing else in the world.

Emotional stability

They have zero, no kidding yet never think that they’ll say a ‘yes’ to it if asked. They always seek emotional support from you, doesn’t matter how self-reliant they pretend to be.


Similarly, they also have an inferiority complex when it comes to their physique or performance in bed. And, they’re constantly thinking about whether you are attracted to him or satisfied.

Dependency on you

Take pride women, he perhaps picks up the cheque at a fancy restaurant or pulls the door for you but, he is dependent on you and would feel like standing in a no man’s land if you’re not standing beside him.

Resistance to your decisions

Nevertheless, don’t forget he is an individual entity at the end of the day. Which means you have to stop forcing your decisions on him (another source of grudge). He’ll never be frank about not liking it but in his mind will always dislike you being authoritative.

Lies told in past

Men are no saints, on the other hand, they too have a long list of wrongdoings. Lies have been a big part of their lives which women will have no clue about it unless they hire a detective to spy on their men.


Among many reasons, the one told above contributes largely when he is deciding to live a lifetime with you. He is also afraid because he is unsure of the fact whether he’ll be able to support both of you financially. You must be thinking you never forced him to bear all the expenses, then why? Well, that is what he thinks and never tells you, remember. You’ll have to talk about this if you want to spend a lifetime with him.

And, Secret of “Morning Wood”

The condition is known as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) in which men’s penis is hard in the morning too. It is because of the sexual fantasies that they dream of during the daytime. When nights are concerned, they tend to be at full liberty and also the hormones such as testosterone are higher in morning. The boner, however, can also be affected because of blood flow. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter whatever reason may be behind your boyfriend’s boner in the morning; they’ll never tell you about it.

Bonus: Fear of losing you

Finally, he’ll not ask you to live with him and still, the thought of you leaving him sends shivers down his spine. Therefore, men will never tell women about their fears, insecurities and dependencies.

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source: www.wittyfeed.me