15 Major Mistakes Men Make When Making Love To A Woman

I know that almost each man thinks he is the best stallion during se*x, but we all should admit that we may be doing some things in a wrong way. Anyway, there is no better way to improve your lovemaking skills than to learn from your mistakes and those of others.

Whether you’re someone in need of a better approach, or just a married man looking to add a bit more spice back into your love life, here are 12 worst and most common mistakes that men make in bed — and what you can do to avoid them. I bet that you will find at least 2 you are doing as well!

1. Not Setting The Environment

Women are all about the romantic environment. It is not necessary to always set a romantic environment but it is a good idea to do it sometimes, making things more exciting.

2. Not Focusing on Foreplay

In each and every se*x poll of women you will notice the same thing – they complain about amount of time men give to proper foreplay.

Although having a quickie is fun from time to time, majority of women express opposite opinions. Therefore, you should always dedicate at least 10 – 15 minutes for proper foreplay. It should include everything that your woman loves.

3.Lack of Grooming & Poor Hygiene

Getting lax with your daily hygiene routine is a surefire turn-off and an easy way to make your woman feel sick, both in and out of bed. Although women love modern beards, they hate them while kissing or when you are giving them oral.

4. Ignoring Her Body Language

Most women are shy to speak out. But their body language reveals everything and they hate it when men completely ignore it even if she is giving clear signs.

5.Being Silent & Emotionless

Being silent while having s*ex (unless your partner has asked for it) is a quick way to make her feel she is not good enough or that you do not like what she is doing to you. A lot of women complain about it so do not ignore this issue.

They often feel like they are having s*ex with a silent emotionless robot. I bet you would not like that either. In fact, this is not a great turn on and can actually prevent her from getting an orgasm!

6. Erogenous Zone

Men usually don’t fully understand women’s bodies. It is always important to learn the erogenous zones.

7. Listening

It’s important to listen to what your partner wants and let your partner know what you want.

8.Rushing to Get Inside of Her

Another thing we guys often do that annoys women a lot is the fact, that all we want is just to get inside her vagina as soon as possible. However, this often leads to painful and hard penetration that completely kills her mood.

9. Not Understanding The Body

Women have a sensitive body and do not find it pleasing when they’re treated harshly.

10. Wanting to Try too Many Things

Yes, women do love an adventurous side in men but when it gets too much, it’s just exhausting and not fun.

11. Awkward Kissing

Passionately kissing is fine, but getting all sloppy during it is complete turn off.

12. Thinking Women Parts Are The Same As Men

Women and men are very different and have different bodies. And they need to be treated differently else it’s just uncomfortable.

13. Being Too Bossy

You can tell her how you want things, but being bossy is never the answer.

14. Poor & Awkward Undressing Skill

All guys should know that setting the mood is important for almost every woman who you are going to have s*ex with! However, few of us realize that you can kill it incredibly fast with poor undressing skill.

15. Talk To Each Other

Women feel comfortable when men talk to them openly about the experience. It increases the intimacy and relaxes both partners.

Thanks for reading!

source: www.datehookup.com