Woman Made Breakfast For Their Children And Kills Them By A Mistake We All Make! Share This With Everyone You Know!

In countries like Mexico, moms like to prepare homecooked meals for their children and don’t like the idea of their kids eating canned food. However, things just don’t go as planned always, and the recent experience of an unfortunate Mexican mother confirms it.

Josefina, a mother of two, woke up early one day and went to the market to get some food for breakfast. She decided to prepare a healthy breakfast for her children. little Agustin (8) and Maria (6), so they won’t have to eat junk food at school. She made some egg and ham tortillas with fresh orange juice and breakfast was ready to be served.

She woke up her children and told them to go to the bathroom, to wash up, get dressed and come down for breakfast. While Josefina was setting the table, little Maria came down, complaining her brother was taking too long in the bathroom. Josephina yelled at the boy to stop playing in the bathroom and let his sister go wash up. In the meantime, Josefina received a text from her husband and decided to reply while the kids were still in the bathroom. She texted him back and continued preparing the breakfast table. She continued texting her husband while serving breakfast and managed to do it all in time. The kids went to school and Josefina stayed at home. Two hours later, she received a horrific call from the school.

The school called to inform her that both of her children were rushed to the hospital after feeling sick and feverish. Josefina immediately went to the hospital with her husband where doctors informed her that they couldn’t lower their temperature. She couldn’t believe what was happening; just a few hours ago the kids were fine. The doctors suspected that a bacterium, salmonella was the culprit for the high fever, but need to do some tests to be sure.

After detailed analysis, they concluded that the bacterium was in the breakfast Josefina prepared for them just this morning. After analyzing how the breakfast was made and what she was doingin the meantime, the doctors concluded that the bacteria were probably transferred from her mobile phone to the food, because she was texting while serving breakfast. They stressed out that our phones are covered with bacteria, which sometimes ends up in our food and has fatal consequences.

Josefina was devastated. Finding out that she caused this, that her children were sick because of her mistake crushed her. The doctors did all they could but they couldn’t save the two poor souls. She was in agony and wanted to die right there and then, she couldn’t bear to go on without her children.

The doctors advised her that she could use this horrific experience as a cautionary tale and spread the word to all other parents and warn them to never use their phones while preparing food. She made it her mission to spread the word and never let anything like this happen to another parent ever again.

Now, Josefina is using her experience to warn everyone in the world – never use the phone while you’re preparing food. This can lead to infections that may have fatal consequences, as she learned not a long time ago.

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source:  naturalhealingmagazine.net