Feds Finally Release Burzynski Cancer Cure Treatment

A doctor who claims he has the cure for cancer has won yet another court case against the US Government in his objective of getting his methods into the mainstream.

But Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s case has not been reported by the mainstream media, and why? Because the government and the drug companies work in such close quarters, and a cure for cancer means and end to the profits made from expensive cancer drugs and treatments.

A hold that was placed on a remarkable breakthrough cancer treatment invented by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has finally been lifted by the FDA.

It should have been news that sent shock-waves throughout the industry, so large that even the establishment’s media could not ignore them. Spilling out onto every radio and news station in the country, if not the world.

But once again, another huge victory against the medical establishment for a Houston-based doctor that has been using a breakthrough technology he invented to literally cure cancer on many occasions, who for all-intents-and-purposes should be a household name by now and an easy Nobel Prize winner, is instead nowhere to be found, as if it never even happened.

That’s because Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his cancer-curing discovery, “Antineoplastons,” including a remarkable, relatively new gene-targeted therapy, threatens the very way of life to which the Western medical cancer and sick-care industry has become accustom. Raking in billions a year off of the desperate backs of people suffering from debilitating and deadly diseases in which the Western medical industry does not truly want to find a cure.

Despite a track record dwarfing that of conventional cancer treatments, including outright curing some forms that, until now, were previously thought of as “incurable,” the government and the medical establishment has been fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent public knowledge of this technology from crossing the Rubicon and becoming too widely known to stop, without real public backlash. Well, now, it may soon be too late for that.

That’s because only days ago, the Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) released a statement to the media explaining that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally ended their latest attempt to stifle his lifetime’s work and a breakthrough that will likely revolutionize the way cancer is viewed and treated. Surprisingly lifting a two-year “partial” clinical hold on an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for Antineoplastons A10/AS2-1 Injections and finally clearing the way for long-awaited Phase 3 trials for newly-diagnosed cancer patients. Initially for a specific form of cancer, known as Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Glioma.

Considering the already proven success rates prior to the government hold, for both Glioma during Phase 2 trials and many other forms of cancer individually, most of the naysayers, critics and skeptics are going to have a tough time pretending the opposite. Giving a much needed booster to an industry that has been suffering from almost total corruption and manipulation of the Hippocratic Oath for a very, very long time.

Although it would be more of a shock if the medical establishment actually stopped trying to put an end to what could end up helping the public at-large become aware of much more than decades of official suppression of life-saving treatments and cures, the FDA’s surprising decision now makes way for an extremely important step in the progression of Antineoplastons’ use for various forms of brain tumors and many, if not most other types of cancers in the US.

Along with Burzynski’s ingenious way of approaching gene targeting, to more accurately prescribe petro-chemical-based pharmaceutical medications and diet changes for people based on individual differences in the more than 24,000 different genes they analyze at his clinic, as opposed to the more generalized way Oncologists and other doctors are trained to prescribe medications, the Burzynski technique is truly taking the way cancer patients are treated to the next level in medicine. Now that it has become so much easier to study the human genome through technological advancements.

A reality that is seriously scaring the medical establishment, pharmaceutical corporations and cancer foundations. Which has prompted responses by their puppets at the FDA and the Texas Medical Board that are nothing short of obvious attempts to make it next to impossible for this discovery to thrive and succeed. While continuing to save many more lives than what Western medicine is, quite frankly, allowed. As long as Dr. Burzynski is in possession of the patented advancements, that is.

Because even as the skeptics and trolls do everything they can to shoot down the discovery on every single article and video released in support of the technique’s proven successes, for reasons that include the subconscious fears of real answers to questions regarding why this treatment isn’t already widely used, if it truly didn’t work better than what Western-trained doctors are still being forced to do, then why did the agents of deceit in the US government, BigPharma and related individuals collude with one of Burzynski’s own research scientists to file 11 different patents on the very same, non-toxic, Antineoplastons AS2-1 medical technology? #6,037,376, #5,635,532, #5,605,530, #5,852,056,#5,654,333, #5,661,179, #5,635,533, #5,710,178, #5,843,994, #5,877,213, #5,881,124. Only failing to accomplish the patent hijacking after a Grand Jury acquitted Burzynski of any wrongdoing, during the establishment’s 4th and most recent attempt to put him in prison for the very same technology they were trying to patent.

The only question left unanswered immediately becoming whether they were going to capitalize on the discovery after his imprisonment, or bury it, just as the establishment has done to countless others in the past. Which include discoveries and inventions that span a wide array of different industries, such as health, medicine, energy, transportation, etc.

But, rather than asking any of the individuals that entrusted what was likely the last few years, months, or even days of their lives to the remarkable technology he discovered and were successfully cured of their cancers, after all of the “conventional” methods had unsurprisingly already failed, if they’re happy they happened to have stumbled upon a doctor by the name of Stanislaw Burzynski… Now that Phase 3 clinical trials have been given the green light, it’s likely the continually growing numbers of success stories will do much more than speak for themselves.

Until the treatment has saved so many lives, however, and has become so widely known that not even the media can pretend it doesn’t exist anymore without being too obvious, which is very likely to happen if the establishment isn’t successful at shutting him down before then, the only places you’re likely to hear about the progress of Burzynski’s miracle discovery, as well as many other forms of known-but-hidden disease cures, is in articles such as this and other related sources. Because just as it has been stated and proven many times before, until something is done to make real changes to the system, the media, and the establishment that controls them, the revolution will not be televised, unless we give them no choice. Lord willing, at least as far as cancer is concerned, thanks to Dr. Burzynski and all those who support him, that day may now soon be upon us.

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source: RealFarmacy, examiner.com