Dr. Crespo, Cancer Researcher, Found Dead in NY’s Upper East Side Hospital Bathroom

Cancer doctor found dead at home.

Yet another medical researcher has been found dead, adding to the already long list that have occurred in recent years.

The medical profession seems to be the one of the most dangerous at the moment, it seem every week we hear another sad story of a doctor being killed for one reason or another.

Miguel Crespo was found dead in an eighth-floor bathroom of an upper east side hospital, he was just 40 years old.

At first, the police say that they were unsure as to how Crespo died, but there are now reports that a cup was found next to his body, and that he may have taken an overdose of drugs.

He was found at 2:50 p.m. in Weill Cornell Medical Center, at E. 68th St. and York Ave.

A spokesperson for Weill Cornell, the company that he worked for said:

“Weill Cornell Medicine is saddened by the death of our colleague Miguel Crespo, PhD. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends,”

He joined the company in 2011 after gaining a postdoctoral in colon cancer and stem cell research.

He was found by investigators at the scene who also found vomit, aluminum foil and a pen cap. The pen cap has alerted authorities to the possibility that Crespo had dies from a drug overdose, as this kind of paraphernalia is known to be used to snort drugs with.

The pressures on doctors in the current medical environment are huge. They are overworked, expected to work long hours under stressful conditions and have everyone from the patients to Big Pharma to answer to.

Just last month we heard the story of a young doctor working himself to death under the pressure of his job.

The pressures on doctors needs to be lifted, or we will continue to see sad cases such as this one.

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source: healthnutnews.com