13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don`t Do

Raising strong children who are ready to meet the challenges of the real-world successfully requires parents to abandon the bad parenting practices which are stealing children their mental strength.

Helping children develop mentally and building mental muscle is a difficult task- it requires parents to be as strong too. Watching their children fight, helping the face their fears, and learning them to learn from their mistakes is tough. But, these are the experiences children need in order to reach their potential.

So, to raise children who can thrive as adults later on, parents needs t be mentally strong and capable of pushing their kids to take risks and hold accountable for their mistakes.

Parents who want to prepare their children for real life and help them build mental muscle should avoid doing the following 13 things:

1. They Don’t Condone A Victim Mentality

Rejection and failure are part of life, so instead of allowing their kids to exaggerate any of them, mentally strong parents teach them to turn the misfortune into strength by taking positive action.

2. They Don’t Parent Out Of Guilt

Guilty feelings lead to various bad parenting strategies, such as saying “yes” to anything your child wants or overindulging them on the holidays. Mentally strong parents understand that guilt gets in the way of making the right choices.

3. They Don’t Make Their Child The Center Of The Universe

Making your life revolve around your kid is an unhealthy parenting strategy as it makes the kid grow into entitled and self-absorbed adult.

4. They Don’t Allow Fear To Dictate Their Choices

Keeping your children too safe is bad for their development. Mentally strong parents act as guides, not protectors.

5. They Don’t Give Their Child Power Over Them

Children who dictate how the family will spend the weekends or what is going to have for lunch, have too much power. Mentally strong parents know that this is unhealthy for their kids, so they try to keep a clear hierarchy.

6. They Don’t Expect Perfection

Expecting too much from your children is extremely unhealthy! Mentally strong parents know that their kids will not be the best at everything, so they will not push them to be better than all the rest.

7. They Don’t Let Their Child Avoid Responsibility

Mentally strong parents teach their children to be responsible and take responsibility for their choices and duties.

8. They Don’t Shield Their Child From Pain

While watching your kid struggling with anxiety or pain is tough, kids should practice such experiences. Mentally strong parents support their children and help them deal with pain and everything life throws at them.

9. They Don’t Feel Responsible For Their Child’s Emotions

There is no need to feel responsible for your child`s emotions! Mentally strong parents know that regulating their children`s emotions affects their social skills, so they teach them to be responsible for their own emotions.

10. They Don’t Lose Sight Of Their Values

The tight schedules combined with the pressure of being the parent of the year causes parents to lose sight of the important things and the real values. Mentally strong parents are aware of their values and live according to them!

11. They Don’t Take Shortcuts To Avoid Discomfort

Shortcuts like doing your child`s chores for them is easy, but it leads to developing unhealthy habits.

12. They Don’t Confuse Discipline With Punishment

Discipline is what teaches kids to improve in the future while punishment only makes them suffer. The goal of mentally strong parents is to teach their children to develop self-discipline.

13. They Don’t Prevent Their Child From Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is the best way to learn and improve. It`s no wonder people consider mistakes a great life`s teacher after all. Mentally strong parents don’t prevent their children from making mistakes, but encourage them to do mistakes and deal with the consequences.

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sources: superhv.com